ThetaRay Wins ATMIA’s Next Generation ATM Security Award

ThetaRay, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions, today announced that it has won the 2018 ATMIA Global Award for ”Next Generation ATM Security”. The ATMIA awards honor innovative technology solutions for ATMs and highlight leaders in the industry. ThetaRay received the award for its ATM Security Solution, designed to specifically address the risk of unknown future threats, and for its unique ability to support the Next Gen ATM platform architecture.

ThetaRay”s ATM Security Solution monitors all physical and electronic activity on individual ATMs and across ATM networks to detect illicit and suspicious activity and unknown threats, using big data analytics and advanced, AI-powered machine learning technology. ThetaRay”s patented technology is based on unbiased detection through a series of advanced algorithms that can process any number of data features. These attributes set ThetaRay apart from conventional threat detection systems that depend heavily on knowledge of past events to train and define detection rules. This makes ThetaRay particularly well suited for addressing new evolving threats that may arise with the evolution of the Next Gen ATM platform.

‘There are now 3.5 million connected ATMs worldwide, and criminals use sophisticated technologies to steal countless amounts of money from them each year,’ said Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay. ‘ThetaRay enables banks and ATM operators to secure customers, data, and cash against any threats, whether known or unknown. We are thrilled to be recognized by the prestigious ATMIA committee for our efforts.’

The awards ceremony was held Tuesday, June 12th at the ATM Customer Experience & Security Summit (ACESS) in London. Winners were chosen based on measurable successes, with an additional criterion focused on targeting key elements of the Next Gen ATM architecture and supporting the Next Gen ATM Consortium.

About ThetaRay: 

ThetaRay is a leading artificial intelligence & big data analytics company, helping financial organizations, cybersecurity divisions and critical infrastructure become more resilient and seize opportunities. Its advanced analytical solutions operate with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and scale, enabling clients to manage risk, detect money laundering schemes, uncover fraud, expose bad loans, uncover operational issues and reveal valuable new growth opportunities. To learn more about ThetaRay, visit

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