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CeBIT Australia 2018: All you Want to Know about APAC’s Largest B2B Technology Event

Celebrating its 17th year in 2018, CeBIT is the largest and the longest running B2B technology event in APAC that offers an opportunity to over 15, 000 tech professionals across start-ups, government, businesses, and small to medium enterprises scheduled to be held for three consecutive days in May 2018. The event is known to showcase products and solutions from the Computer Hardware and Software industry.

By this time, CeBIT has truly made its mark as the business technology fair for the region, drawing thousands of technology professionals from different sectors. It brings together a community of these talents across the world who are keen to explore the latest innovative services and technologies.

With thousands of participants attending this colossal technology conference and exhibition in May 2018, it is the most awaited tech event in waiting for the hardcore tech lovers. CeBIT Australia is the highlight of the business technology sector for the Asia Pacific (APAC). Whether it’s the expo or the conference, this technology event is the dominant trading platform for the latest and future technology related to business.

Before we get into more details about the expo, let’s see how you can attend the technology event if you are travelling from a foreign country.

How to attend CeBIT Australia 2018?

If you are a technology lover from a foreign country and wish to travel all the way to Australia for this gala biz tech exhibition, you need to acquire an ETA visa to visit Australia. ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is a permit to enter Australia that’s electronically attached to your passport.

An ETA Visa is different from the regular Visa and is intended for short stays as tourist or for short visits for business purpose. Please note that ETA Visa Australia is not a permit for working in Australia and hence, that’s not included in the business activities. For short-term work permits you need to get a Temporary Work Visa on the Government website.

Now that you have sorted the process of visiting Australia and you are all excited to attend the massive tech event, let’s get more insights of one of the biggest tech fairs in Australia.

The technology conference features:

  • A massive expo with over 350 leading enterprises help the visitors get an insight into the latest discoveries in the field of business technology.
  • Extensive discussions on learning and broadening the possibilities in this intriguing industry where innovation and technology are constantly evolving with each day.
  • The conferences are marked with the presence of international keynote speakers that’s never heard of in Australia.
  • From Big Data, Cyber Security, Fintech, Start-Ups, IoT, A.I., Cloud, Innovation, eGovernment and more the sessions cover some comprehensive content with these popular topics in business technology.
  • an exclusive section for start-ups and technology aspects.
  • Events held on networking and a lot more.

Participating in the CeBIT Australia 2018

If you have the cutting-edge solutions and the potential that you want to exhibit, you can register for the event to showcase your talent to both national and international audience. This tech conference and exhibition is the perfect podium to get introduced to decision makers across different sectors like government, businesses, and SMEs.

So, if you are wondering how to make your company the limelight of the business technology community, and publicize your company in front of the technology decision makers who make for a noteworthy audience, all you need to do is to fill up the enquiry form on the CeBIT Australia official website and their sales team gets back to you with all the required details.

Program highlights 

Secure your entry for participation and to confirm your attendance in the cutting-edge business technology expo in the APAC region by registering for the event today. This large-scale tech exhibition provides a perfect platform for you to network with the exhibitors and to be present at the onfloor convention theatres to get an insight into the current inventions in the field of business technology that includes FinTech, IoT and AI.

The program starts on May 15, 2018 with the CeBIT Big Data & Analytics Conference.

Businesses, big or small are constantly taking advantage of the big data and analytics to research on the practice and trends that can help them to increase the worth of each point of contact. The challenge here is to obtain the value from the loads of data that companies are now capable of gathering. So, when the big data and analytics is used effectively will deliver added value to the business offering new profit options and fresh methods of connect with your clients.

The program features:

  • Developing & delivery a data driven enterprise
  • Application in the real world
  • Significant considerations on the growth of data and analytics
  • Evolving tech – the future of improved potential
  • International presentation by the Head of Data Science (DBS Bank -Singapore), Johnson Poh.
  • The Iconic, NSW Data Analytics Centre, CBA, Dept. of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Amaysim, UNSW, ATO, Macquarie Bank, UTS Sydney are some of the companies participating.

Day 2 – May 16, Wednesday 2018 will be all about CeBIT Cloud Conference

Cloud computing continues to gather speed with the growth and adoption of Cloud across many IT codes like Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage and more. The conference answers the frequently asked questions on how to integrate Cloud in the best manner into their current systems. Some of the program features are:

  • Protect your IT infrastructure for future
  • Getting an insight on what operates cloud migration
  • Creative methods for getting the most out of your digitisation plan
  • Involving the government agencies into the cloud
  • eHealth Queensland, Department of Finance, Fox Sports, AGL Energy are some of the participants among others.

Day 3 – May 17, Wednesday 2018 will be all about the CeBIT Cyber Security Conference

Cyber security is the need of the moment for all the organizations these days given the unmatched levels of threat from known and unknown sources. The conference will focus on this issue and offer solutions to minimise the risk with essential areas of alertness, endurance and response involving insights on latest government policy actions and the fine balance between the privacy and security.

Some of the program features are:

  • Security landscape: obstacles and solutions
  • Analysing the key obstacles for CISOs
  • The future of security by staying ahead of an emerging threat
  • Cyber culture in the company
  • Effects of cyber violations on brand equity
  • Demonstrations from NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Symantec, Qantas, BHP Billiton, The Star Entertainment Group, Threat Intelligence, Official Intelligence and more

Register today to acquire a free pass for the technology exhibition that offers free access to:

Exhibition that features 300+ B2B exhibitors

Keynotes & Panels scheduled on Tuesday 15 to Wednesday 16 May that includes:

  • International Keynotes
  • Strategic Panels

Disruption Zone:

IoT & FinTech Seminars schedule on Tuesday, May 15

AI Seminar scheduled on Wednesday, May 16

StartUp Seminar & PitchFest scheduled on Thursday, May 17

Innovation Stage scheduled on Tuesday, May 15 to Thursday, May 17.

Networking Drinks scheduled on Wednesday, Maay 16 5pm.

CeBIT Australia 2018 Expo opening times:

Tuesday 15 May from 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 16 May from 10am to 7pm

Networking Drinks from 5pm

Thursday 17 May from 10am to 4.30pm

So, whether you are an Australian national or a foreign national keen to make it to one of the biggest business technology conventions of the year in Sydney, Australia simply register to day and get access to over 350 B2B exhibitors. However, make sure that you have the ETA Visa Australia so that you can gain entry to the continent and take full advantage of the opportunity.