Enjoy the Freedom of Outdoor Adventures with a Tent on the Roof of your Car

By 1958, affordable cars offered ordinary people the opportunity to travel to beautiful locations but where could they stay? Suddenly inspired by an extraordinary idea, the Italian designer, Giuseppe Dionisio, invented the folding roof top tent. Innovative engineering created a convenient, fully automatic mechanism that ensured the tent was a resounding success. Today’s models are still manufactured from ecological fibreglass, a woven fabric reinforced with polyester resins and glass which can be recycled. With versatile options for equipment storage and multiple berths, the compact Autohome shell roof top tent has accompanied many adventurers around the world from weekend sports enthusiasts to professional explorers.


Flexible Living Space

The Overcamp roof top tent is perfect for family holidays providing flexible sleeping quarters for up to eight people. Its ingenious design allows a vehicle of any size to securely fit two tents, one on each half of the car’s roof for generous accommodation. Alternatively, one tent occupying half of the roof provides ample roof top storage for equipment such as bicycles or canoes. The reliable, Autohome hinged mechanism ensures the overhanging section of the tent remains sturdily secure when in use. The compact Overcamp automatically opens from its folded position and even installs a ladder ready for use. Pitching a tent has never been so easy. A small tent weighs approximately 54kg while the larger version weighs 66kg. The waterproof Overcamp is usually available in blue or grey.

autohome overcamp roof top tent


Versatile Comfort

The Maggiolina shell roof top tent offers a wide range of sizes to suit every requirement including extra length. The waterproof design combines practical accommodation with superior comfort and even includes folding curtains. Interior volume varies from 196 litres in the Airlander up to the spacious 461 litres of the Grand Tour. There is a choice of gas sprung or crank opening mechanisms. The latter is often the most popular in this model providing automated assembly in a single lift. Gas sprung uses a double positional lift with an increased speed. The strong, reliable Maggiolina has been developed from the original Autohome tent and is available in several stylish colours to complement your car.


Autohome Grand Tour Roof Top Tent

Superior Stability

The Airtop shell roof top tent incorporates Windstop, a mechanism that offers increased stability during adverse weather conditions. The tent is an ideal choice for an adventure in a challenging landscape where the insulation qualities of fibreglass can help maintain an ambient interior temperature. The tent automatically opens in a double lift manoeuvre through four gas sprung pumps. The fast and efficient mechanism ensures the shell of the tent achieves a perfect tension every time it’s opened. The Airtop provides a comfortable, spacious sleeping space and is available in a variety of convenient sizes and colours.


Autohome Airtop Safari



The roof top tent has been providing flexible, convenient accommodation for every type of camping trip for more than sixty years. It offers multiple, practical options for combining sleeping areas with equipment storage to make the best use of the limited space in a vehicle when travelling. Streamlined, effortless opening mechanisms offer reliability and speed while the anchoring mechanisms are reliably strong and secure. The outer shells of lightweight, weatherproof fibreglass can easily be repaired and recycled making it an ecological choice. The roof-top tent is an established form of portable accommodation that can provide many years of excellent service. Discover how a tent on the roof of your car can provide your next outdoor adventure with effortless, comfortable accommodation.