Cashaa, Driving Indian Crypto Regulation, Gets Free Entry for its Community Members at BSI 2019

Blockchain Summit India is approaching fast with only 8 days to go.

The agenda includes all the relevant Government Ministers, as well as numerous experts from the blockchain space, global corporations and leading academia. Everyone is coming together with the goal to open cryptocurrency for 1.2 Billion people.

Cashaa, which recently was selected as the Summit”s Fintech Partner, is honoured to participate and is especially looking forward to the launch of the Auxledger public network as one of the Summit”s highlights. Auxledger, Cashaa”s partner, has already onboarded over 60 Million identities, as the Government”s trusted partner in the space.

Cashaa would now like to announce an offer for its community, as a thank you for their earliest users, who are invited to become VIP guests at the Summit.

With a free VIP ticket for Cashaa plan holders, guests can get access to the full programme and benefit most of the Summit.

To get access, it is required to sign up for a Cashaa account and opt for a plan, deposit the required CAS, and raise a ticket to get the access code for the VIP ticket.

For the community”s friends and families, Cashaa has another present in store – everyone buying a ticket with CAS from their Cashaa wallet will get 50 % off.

To receive this discount, users need to raise a ticket in their Cashaa account and get the access code.

Please note: Everyone buying with CAS needs an active Cashaa wallet with CAS.

Anyone buying through credit/debit card will get 20% off with the discount code: CASHAACOMMUNITY

The Cashaa Team is looking forward to meet everyone in Delhi.


Janina Lowisz

LONDON, Feb. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —