2018 Budget – Sagentia Response: Reducing Plastic Needs a Focus on Science and Innovation

Announcements in the UK Autumn Budget demonstrate renewed pressure on companies to reduce plastic use. But according to Sagentia, a Science Group company, whilst recycling and reuse go some way to addressing the problem, there needs to be a holistic approach with a focus on science and innovation to make breakthrough change.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, announced the new tax on the manufacture and import of plastic packaging that contains less than 30 per cent recycled plastic and reiterated that the UK must become a world leader in tackling ‘the scourge of plastic littering our planet and our oceans’.

Sagentia has considerable experience in helping consumer industries address the role of plastics in their products and packaging.  Its recent white paper ”Breaking up with plastic” outlines a three-phase technical framework to facilitate the reduction of plastic packaging and is available for download at https://www.sagentia.com/insight/breaking-up-with-plastic

David Pettigrew, MD, Sagentia Commercial comments: ‘Product development is usually considered separately to packaging development – considering both concurrently can result in significant gains in plastic reduction. Furthermore, the industry needs to find ways to cut plastic waste without compromising important factors such as food safety and consumer enjoyment.’

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