Newly Launched Crypto Tackles Plastic Pollution

The new fintech platform, Orientum, has partnered with Sepco Industries to tackle this pervasive and seemingly insurmountable problem, with an eco-friendly and innovative process of converting waste plastics into fuel.

In 2018 five trillion plastic bags will be produced which is 160,000 a second. Up to 13 million tons of plastic enters the world”s oceans each year, equivalent to one garbage truck worth being dumped into seas every minute killing marine life and entering the food chain.

Besides the ecological impact of this crisis, there are also huge economic implications, with US$13 billion annual financial damage to marine ecosystems alone.

Sepco has worked together with researchers from Thailand”s prominent Chulalongkorn University for more than 15 years to develop an industrial system that creates high quality fuel from plastic with zero negative environmental impact.

Recognizing its massive potential, Orientum is even launching a secondary coin called Orientum Plus specifically dedicated to investing in Sepco”s Waste Plastic to Fuel Production Modules, each of which can produce 15,000 liters of fuel per day while disposing of 20,000 kilograms of plastic.

Prominent scientist and co-founder of Sepco, Dr. Metta Visessombat remarked, ‘Our team has worked for decades on optimizing this process towards maximum efficiency. The fuel produced is well received by customers due to its high quality. We use a closed system that does not release any pollutants into the atmosphere whatsoever. It doesn”t even have any waste byproducts. We are very glad to partner with Orientum to allow people everywhere to invest in this unique opportunity which is highly profitable, while at the same time solving the huge global problem of plastic waste.’

In order to bring usability and true value to coin holders, Orientum focuses on partnering with stable and sustainable businesses in three key industries: real estate, hospitality and green energy. This differs from many cryptocurrencies that solely focus on fintech. For more information visit www.orientum.io.

Driven by a long-term vision, Orientum wants to turn what seems a global disaster into a worthwhile opportunity, and bring healing where there is destruction, turning waste into wealth.

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TBILISI, Georgia, Sept. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — It has been estimated that 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste had been generated as of 2015. Of this only 9% was recycled. If current plastic production and waste management trends continue, 12 billion tons of plastic will be in landfills and the natural environment by 2050.