The Promoters of Intempo Initiate the Commercialization of the Emblematic Building

269 homes in a new luxury concept in Benidorm

  • The regeneration project is one of those that have created the most expectation in recent months among potential buyers and investors.
  • Intempo will revitalize the existing offer of luxury homes in Benidorm with a global standard of luxury lifestyle which will include amenities such as Europe”s highest sky lounge and spa, lifestyle concierge and leasing services, and the most modern amenities package in Iberia”s highest residential tower.
  • Intempo was acquired by an affiliate of an SVP Global fund at the end of last year.

The promoters of Intempo, the emblematic project of 269 luxury homes located in Benidorm, have announced that pre-launch of the Project has started with an initial billboard campaign and teaser website: . Full launch will commence shortly with market analysis showing that potential buyers are both national and international seeking superior lifestyle experiences based on strong investment credentials. The decision to move forward is made after obtaining all the relevant licenses to complete the construction of the building, which is currently 93% complete.

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Intempo is a project that has created great expectations among potential buyers and investors, both nationally and internationally, and is expected to be fully operational in 2019.

It is a new, superior concept of global luxury and residential experience that will be one of the new symbols of the Mediterranean coast. It is the tallest residential building in Iberia and the second in Europe, and among the new features it will have a concierge with lifestyle services including property management and international leasing services, with best-in-class luxury amenities both on the ground and at the top of the building.

Intempo was acquired at the end of last year by an affiliate of an SVP Global fund, which will invest significant capital to regenerate the building and surrounding land area contributing significant jobs and resources in the continued improvement of the area and larger community. It will be a transformation project and will hopefully act as a beacon of sound local and international practice to inspire other developers to do the same. The owners of the building will be working with a talented local and international consortium to ensure Intempo acts as a catalyst for attracting more premium tourism and investment to Costa Blanca.

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